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By Gianni Farina, Alessandro Miele, Consuelo Battiston
With Alessandro Miele and Consuelo Battiston
Direction by Gianni Farina
Production Menoventi – ERT

We wanted to do a show on Judgement Day.
We spent time and energies to figure out in which damned’s category we had to insert our main characters.
We finally realised that, as representative of our race, their destiny could only be the one of the sinless “indolent” .
Then we found the single reagent of the plot: a misunderstood revelation that brings to delirium.
We also had an intuition on one of the possible shapes of Ermes, messenger of revelation.
That’s not all: there was an idea to give substance to our invisible undertow, and to show the instant reaction of our anti-heroes in that mystical encounter!
Well, it would have been a masterpiece able to fell humanity’s reaction under process, while awaiting its own judgement. The awareness of being observed by someone, of having a big index finger pointed at your face. The real feeling about a superior Authority who had chosen us, nothing more than a dry branch of evolution on Earth.
All of this would have be given through moderate special effects and a bunch of excellent actors.
But we needed an elephant, that our production didn’t want to buy.
So, we did something else.

“And the eyes of them both were opened, and they knew that they were naked.” (Genesis 3,7)

Labored under a straight control, the two wretched ones have to face a Destiny’s joke.
All the strategies to force it are vain.
They have no rest.
They are always under control.
What’s left to do?
Hide, under your eyes.