Fanny & Alexander

7 – 18 novembre 2015

Luigi De Angelis (director), Lorenzo Gleijeses (actor) and Mirto Baliani (musician) present some fragments from:

S K Y – B L U E S P E E C H #
S P O R T / R E L I G I O N

Sky-blue Speech puts on a surreal and impossible dialogue between father and son, athlete and trainer, player and voice guide of the game. Starting from a video-game logic played on the rhetoric of sport speech and built on several different levels, Lorenzo Gleijeses embodies here a composite avatar coming to grips with a paradoxal question about faith. In the age of the “evaporation of the father”, is it still possible to believe?
Hanging between virtual worlds, lost Homelands and artificial Paradises, the son offers to the father his mysterious answer.

Concept Luigi De Angelis and Chiara Lagani
Dramaturgy, costumes Chiara Lagani
Direction, set, lighting design Luigi De Angelis
Music Mirto Baliani
Video images ZAPRUDERfilmmakersgroup

With Lorenzo Gleijeses and with the voice of Geppy Gleijeses
Production E / Fanny & Alexander


“Dromoscopic Landscape” was born from an idea of Lorenzo Gleijeses (actor and director) and Mirto Baliani (musician and performer), an ensemble which already had the opportunity to cooperate on the occasion of the recent project Speeches, produced and realized by the theatre company Fanny & Alexander, an art workshop founded in Ravenna (Italy) in 1992.

In “Dromoscopic Landascape”, a group of performers coming from different disciplinary contexts (theatre, music, dance, video-art, scenic writing, scenic design, etc…) will work on a progressive construction of a performative environment, on the basis of the suggestions arised from the very nature of the ENCOUNTER.