Fanny & Alexander

F-K. ALFAVITA (Eterodirezione)

Workshop for actors held by Chiara Lagani (Fanny & Alexander ) and Gina Monaco (Kinkaleri)

4, 5, 6  ottobre 2012
Prato, Contemporanea festival 2012 – Kinkaleri

The workshop inquires into some simple dramaturgical devices of other-directedness and their possible applications to the work of actors. Other-directedness shall be understood as a process of live writing where an actor’s body is a strange attentive pen communicating its intents to the writer by means of subtle instructions of sense and feeling. It is the search of a rhythm between two persons, one on stage and the other off stage, hidden, who concur in the composition of a “text” (physical and verbal) whose sense and possibilities will be freshened and respecified in every moment by the relation between the two parties. Several dispositions of activity and passivity will be tested in practice, with particular attention to the thin border-mixture line between these two areas of different and complementary sense.
In their latest works Fanny & Alexander have deepened the theme of other-directedness in relation with the idea of a whole artwork passing through the actor with its sounds and voices and noises, living ghosts incarnated in a body-medium (Him); then, in a device which inquired into the mechanism of hidden persuasion – besides the one of the actor’s resistance-obedience to an iron cage of injunctions (West); lastly in T.E. Lawrence project, in particular with reference to the crucial concept of fatigue, which is so present in this author’s work. This research is being carried out in the project of Public Speeches, which has just started.
The active guests of this workshop will be Kinkaleri, who have often touched in their works a very special “area” of the actor’s work in a way that will enlighten new aspects, nourish and enhance the work on other-directedness which Fanny & Alexander propose in this three-day path.