Marzo 18 – 19, 2015

Favole al telefono

@ Ravenna viso-in-aria · Almagià · Ravenna
via dell'Almagià 2
0544 456716 - 320 2226732

concept Luigi De Angelis and Chiara Lagani
dramaturgy Chiara Lagani
direction Luigi De Angelis
music Mirto Baliani
with Lorenzo Gleijeses
and with special appearance by Geppy Gleijeses

“Nets and fences can be mirrors. This is why the whole thing is scary.” (DFW)

“US [uhs] = Noi [ˈnoi] pron pers: a. the objective case of we, used as a direct or indirect object: They took us to the circus. She asked us the way.[…] c. US = You and I = Noi due […] g.United States […]” (Dal lemma “Noi” del Collins Italian Dictionary)

US is a dreamlike tennis match, played by a performer versus a tennis ball machine. A concrete and arcane object, that monster is not the enemy, it is rather the partner in a dance. With wild fury, the player goes beyond his own limits: he transcends, he gets better, he wins against himself. Endlessly. At the edge of the court the father/trainer umpires that impossible game, while the whole match catches fire to the hectic pace of the strokes, giving birth to the most paradoxical concert.