#Fèsta: may 09.13 2012

Fèsta is a party to emphasized the E : Entity, Existence, Essence. That is how we want to present E-production, inviting you from the 9th to the 13th May in Ravenna, at Ardis Hall, Almagia, Ninapi Gallery, My Camera, Planetario, Mirada gallery and Muni Studio, beetween the Sea and the Candiano, Ravenna Bisanzio and the City Docklands, watching, listening, dancing, working, talking and having party with us for five long days.

What do we mean by “E”?

”E” (and), among every junctions, is the simplest. Generally it indicates the addiction of a concept, an image, a thought, a name or an adjective to another one.

ErosAntEros Fanny & Alexander gruppo nanou E Menoventi

E : it is not repeated after each name, but usually it is put before the the last name only, letting the others free, all together and each one singular.

E in the poetic creations arises at the beginning and here means “also”.

E / ErosAntEros,Fanny & Alexander gruppo nanou Menoventi

E (and) me that the time and the love desire of fans do different people ir..

It is repeated when the various propositions wants to remain distinct:

E (and) resists  E (and) advances  E (and) it reinforces
In the latter case E will be almost a rhythm, a growing sense of intention, a color.
E its our Fèsta (party), a beginning in the infinite power.
9/13 May 2012,Ravenna

A project by E/ErosAntEros  Fanny & Alexander  Gruppo Nanou  Menoventi  and  Orthographe

In collaboration with Ravenna Teatro/Nobodaddy, Ravenna 2019/Prove Tecniche, Associazione culturale Italia-francia, Chiara Foschini/Galleria Ninapi, Alessandra Dragoni/My Camera, Francesca Proia/Studio Muni, Associazione Mirada

Supported by Legacoop
Regione Emilia Romagna, Provincia di Ravenna, Comune di Ravenna