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foto di: Luca Del Pia
Temporary School On The Subtle Body
By Francesca Proia

May 11 to 13 2012
c/o Studio Muni, Ravenna

” The individual receives an image and the enrgy it contains. Sooner or later it will become one with her, and through it will suddenly become one”  (Joan Skinner)

The process of choreographic  creation triggers in me a parallel phenomenon of flowering perceptive. At any given moment,the mind literally opens like a flower to pick up,among the latent memories in the history of the body, those that are ready at that time to become the story. Its something spontaneous, like a juice that drips from a plant.
Each choreography therefore contains a part of me that is ready to leave in the form of images.
Dancing is part of my way to wrap around my inner core, every time more essentially.
For this reason each  choreography project requires its own body language.
When you start, you start with the most possibly deconditioned body, without a heritage of supporting gestural codes, with no style. There is not gesture or breath being taken for granted: everything must have its own organic overhaul in the context of birth and lived choreography of thought that is going to be in place.
The purpose of the seminar is to investigate the time prior the development of choreography, that subtle threshold where imagination and unconsciousness place themselves in the dialougle.
The yoga has a therapeutic purpose that shares the same goal: the cooperation of breath and consciousness in a tangible act of trasmutation.
I myself practice Chikitsa Yoga by some years now.
So in the first part of work we will experience some yoga techniques: static meditations,moving meditations,prana vision exercises,use of therapeutic images and postures, the pauses beetween sleep and wakefulness.
We will create in this first  part the conditions,so that you will be absolutely free to express the fruit of your own imagination.
The second part of work will focus on dance, in relations to issues such as: concept of the subtle body, empathy, body, triggers to inner images, triggers of external images, the relationship beetween time and space and with the great values and the smaller ones.

The school is accessible to anyone interested.

Among the most unique and evocative artists of the Italian dance scene, Francesca Proia has long collaborated with choreographer Monica Francia and the Butoh dancer Masaki Iwana.
She was the assistant choreographer and dancer for Romeo Castellucci/Societa’ Raffaello Sanzio for the “Tragedia Endogonidia” series.
Shes member of the dance company Habille’ d’eau,directed by Silvia Rampelli.
From 2004 onwards, elaborates her own unique personal choreographic way, collaborating with Danilo Conti, through passages in states of consciousness determined by particolar visualisations, breathing techniques, sensory tensions and lucid dreams; her work focuses on the energy appearance of the body related to objects, perceptions, space and realtionships.
She began studying yoga in 1992, achieving overtime a internationally recognised degree and she continues to study her personal research on the yoga source.
Shes one of the artists present in “Overground,Visioni della Scena Performativa Italiana” a publishing project born from the photographer Luca del Pia and the students of performing artists Lucia Amara, Piersandra di Matteo, Adele Cacciagrano and Tihana Maravic (Boiler Edizioni,2011).
She founded as a meber of the group TCP-tanti cosi progetti, in agreement with ravenna Council “Homunculus” a yearly research project on the body relation to philosophy and the art that represent it.

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