4 luglio 2012

Perdere la faccia

Palazzo delle Esposizioni ore 22.15
Corso Mazzini 21

Followed by a discussion with the authors:

By: Menoventi – Daniele Ciprì
Direction: Daniele Ciprì
With: Consuelo Battiston, Alessandro Miele, Rita Felicetti.
Story and screenplay: Consuelo Battiston, Gianni Farina, Alessandro Miele
Photography: Daniele Ciprì
Editing: Gianni Farina

The fact is that at a certain point the tyranny of perspective isolates us.
We humans, that is.
Perhaps the characters of a film operate in an alternate way, free from the shackles of a particular point of view.
Afterall, their life is a declared work of fiction.
We, however, can’t utter a word without lying; that accursed framing of the world that we call perception imposes upon us a loneliness and falsehood. But…
Maybe we could attempt to avoid this deception by framing the shot and, thus, transforming ordinary fiction into a subtle trick.
In this way, at least, the falsehood would be explicit, pure, white like the cinema screen.
It is, indeed, this search for sincerity that is the impetus for the adventure that involves the three main characters of the short film, interpreted by the actor-guinea pigs that have to deal with a direction that is indifferent and hypnotic, but at the same time fantastic and ironic too.
Illusions of all kinds form part of the journey of the protagonists – strange beings that, in almost autistic alienation, will find purification and in obedience the only path to follow to reach an otherwise inconceivable truth.

Losing the role for consumption, throw away the mask as you would throw in the towel, losing identity, losing the mind, losing everything.
Losing face.